Aqualisa Quartz Digital Concealed with adjustable height head Standard
Aqualisa Quartz Digital Concealed with adjustable height head Standard
Aqualisa Quartz Digital Concealed with adjustable height head Standard
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Aqualisa Quartz Digital Concealed with Adjustable Height Head Standard

Use with combination boiler and mains fed water systems

Concealed with adjustable height head

Fed up of standing under a chilly shower every morning? Then it’s time to go Digital. Quartz Digital is an intelligent shower that mixes hot and cold flows of water until your preferred temperature is reached. Then, it maintains it. There’s no need to jump in until Quartz Digital’s flashing lights indicate your shower is warm enough and you can even switch your Quartz Digital on remotely.
Product features
  • The original, best-selling Digital shower
  • Adjustable, clear flow, anti-scaling shower head offers family flexibility
  • Compact, remotely sited processor makes for easy installation
  • Suitable for virtually all domestic plumbing systems


Will this shower work with my water system?

Do I need an exposed or concealed shower?

For Thermo Showers

The exposed Thermo shower

Exposed Thermo showers can be fitted directly on to the wall. This makes the product easier to install as there will be little disruption and no need to excavate the bathroom wall. However, it’s worth remembering that a Thermo shower’s controls are normally larger and could encroach upon a small showering area. To make installation easier, consider opting for a showerhead with surface mounted, rather than concealed pipework.

The concealed Thermo shower

Concealed Thermo showers have their valves fitted into the wall. This means that the wall must be excavated to accommodate the shower’s valve. The controls will be neater and more compact and are a good choice for a smaller showering enclosure where every inch of space matters.

For Digital showers

The exposed Digital shower

Exposed Digital showers dispense hot and cold blended water from the pipe contained within the shower’s slider rail which is fitted on the surface of the wall. The clever ‘exposed’ design of the shower means there’s no need for installation to cause damage to your bathroom’s décor or tiling. Providing there’s easy access to space above the showering area (for instance, the loft), exposed Digital showers are extremely simple to install and fitting can be complete in as little as two hours. Exposed Digital showers are the most popular choice of Digital shower and can be the easiest for the plumber to install.

The concealed Digital shower

A concealed Digital shower’s hot and cold blended water pipe is concealed in the wall. This makes for a neat and compact shower, where only the shower’s control and showerhead are visible. It is an especially good choice for a smaller showering enclosure where space is at a premium or if you prefer a fixed showerhead. A concealed shower is also the best option if you cannot access the space above the showering area. Providing the showering area is adjacent to an airing cupboard, concealed Digital showers are very simple to install.

Body jets for concealed Quartz Digital showers should be purchased at the same time as your Quartz Digital, as they cannot be fitted afterwards.
Do I need a pump?

To determine if you need a pump you need to establish:

1. What kind of water system you have.

This is important as booster pumps can only be added to gravity systems. You must NOT fit booster pumps to high pressure or combination boiler water systems. If you are unsure, about your water system you can ask your plumber or check out our Water System Compatibility tool.

2. Whether you have sufficient vertical distance from the bottom of the cistern to the top of the shower head.

This is because the greater the vertical distance (called "head of water") the better the shower’s flow rate and performance. Typically this should be no less than one metre. Aqualisa Thermo products are specially designed to work well under gravity conditions. See our video on How Thermo works.

However gravity systems can sometimes have a disappointing flow of water if there is not a good “head” of water. Adding a pump can make an enormous difference to your showering experience and will allow you to add extras such as body jets.

Handy Hints

It’s essential that you choose the right pump. Not just for you, your family and your new shower – but for the plumbing system too. A pump will increase the volume of water you shower can deliver per minute and it’s important to check your water tank will have enough storage capacity to cope. Vital during the morning rush hour when everyone wants a hot shower.

Don’t overlook where all that extra water will go to either. You’ll need to ensure you shower tray’s waste is sufficiently capable of quickly and effectively draining water away

Click here for our range of Mach pumps

Alternatively you can purchase a shower that has a pump already included. See the pumped products in our Digital range or the Aquastream Thermo
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